We generate a strategy aimed at the monetization of digital assets of our customers.


  • Digital strategy adapted to the client
  • Unique platform for each client
  • Your own Front and back end
  • Microsoft AZURE Technology
  • Multi-platform
  • Evolutionary


  • Monetization of digital assets
  • Digital Marketing adapted and oriented to the user
  • Community creation
  • Knowledge of the fan base
  • Content management


Sports entities
We develop the best meeting place for fans, creating a living community in which users can relate to each other and to the entity itself.

An environment created according to the needs of each sport entity, which adapts to different devices and evolves as its users do.

Smart Stadiums
On game day, we offer a complete portfolio so that the fan experience in the stadium is unique, incorporating digital ticketing services, video streaming, integration with hospitality services, RA / RM, etc.

Through this proposal, we not only increase the value of witnessing matches live, but we also open new scenarios of direct and indirect monetization for our clients.



Smart Festivals
We create a platform adapted to the needs and characteristics of the festival. This provides a smart way to manage attendees, the activities that occur there and monetization.

From ticketing to gamification creating a comfortable environment for the user with which to manage all the information and create all kinds of marketing campaigns to get the most out of all the information obtained.

We create the ideal environment to manage the community of followers of a celebrity. A place to meet the fans and get information and feedback, getting more engagement and the possibility of getting to know each of the fans in real and meaningful way with information managed from the platform itself.

Smart Cities
Thanks to our platform, companies and governments can manage and know the usage of different facilities by users in the city or municipality and create different marketing actions that favor the community's engagement with the environment. Knowing how the user interacts with the city, the communication and usage flows of the different facilities can be improved.




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