The fortunes of the sport King

The fortunes of the sport King

It is said that human beings are capable of the most beautiful feats and at the same time, to be the author of the most terrible works. As the dominant species on this Earth, our intelligence has been tied to exponential technological developments which have been especially marked in the last two centuries of our short history. Talent, an intrinsically human quality, has been the drive in pushing one extra step for human beings on the stairs of progress, whether it be for good or for bad.

Talent can adopt many different forms: Some can make a goddess out of a block of marble; others understand the mathematical language to create the division of the atom; others can put together words that withstand the passage of time; and only a handful of athletes in history can amaze millions of people in a stadium.

The Profitability of Talent

As a king sport at the European level, soccer is a clear representation of the law of supply and demand. Within itself exist categories that go from the most basic to authentic stars of the sport.
The most representative numbers are observed in the high level competitions where the players of the best capacity make wages that make them into true moguls.

During 2018, some professional players have come to see figures close to hundreds of millions of euros. This way, apart from being a sport that lifts passion, soccer is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, especially for those on the field. 

Every Country Has its Own Star

This sport (soccer, how it is called in the U.S to distinguish it from football) has European roots, where it can be disputed are the most internationally important leagues and competitions. But nevertheless, there exists a strong tradition in South American countries that have turned the Americas into a soccer superpower that rivals the best European players.
Between them, Argentina and Brazil stand out, who have brought to the world some of the best soccer stars in history. One example of this we can actually observe in the figures that certain players made during the 2017-2018 season.
Lionel Messi is considered by many to be the best player in the world, and possibly, in the history of soccer. In 2018, he accumulated sponsorships worth 98.8 million euros in his journey with F.C Barcelona, becoming the Argentinian player with the most winnings. 

Neymar, ranked third according to the infographic, was the Brazilian soccer player with the most winnings per season, standing at 80.1 million euros. Following is forward Luis Suarez, who with his 24 million euros was the Uruguayan soccer player with highest earnings in 2018. Lastly, is Colombian James Rodriguez, who despite not being as popular as the others, has his place among the best paid with 19.7 million euros in earnings thanks to his yields in the German Bundesliga. 

top highest paid football players

On the other hand, we have the case of players with (mostly) European origins, where the unmatched Cristian Ronaldo was the most well paid Portuguese soccer player in 2018, with an impressive yield of 96.2 million euros, close to his eternal rival Messi. Gareth Bale, the British soccer player for Real Madrid has accumulated 30.8 million euros despite being in hard times.

Following them is Paul Pogba, a French player of Guinean origin who reached 26.3 million euros with Manchester United, and Graziano Pellé, who with the Chinese team Shandong Luneng accumulated 19.7 million euros (the top paid Italian soccer player in history), tied with James Rodriguez.
Lastly, is the Swede (of Bosnian Croatian origin) Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with 18.7 million euros, the Spanish Gerard Piqué with 18.5 million euros, and Yaya Touré, the top paid Ivorian soccer player with 17.5 million euros and who plays for the Olympiacos Piraeus. 


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