Revenue and sponsorship agreements between clubs

Revenue and sponsorship agreements between clubs

The main revenue received by Europeans soccer clubs are usually divided by broadcasting rights, commercial activities and matchday; broadcasting rights continues being the most important source of income, though not the only one, with 43% participation, in comparison with 40% and 17% for commercial and matchday income respectively.

The pódium of the wealthy

Thus, the three teams that are leading in revenue are Real Madrid, F.C Barcelona and Manchester United, this ranking reveals a clear Spanish lead. The Real Madrid is the soccer club with the highest generated income in the world, with 759.9 million euros, followed by F.C.Barcelona, with 690.4 million euros. The “merengues” went from third position, to being leaders; on the other hand, club blaugrana rises a position, from third to second place.
The Bayern Munich is placed within the first five, with an income figure of 7% and becoming the fourth club to generate more than 600 million euros in a single season. This milestone is due in large part to increases in broadcasting income, driven by reaching the semifinals in the Champion League and the increment on the distribution of the Bundesliga after their sixth consecutive title win.

Sponsorship income 

Despite these impressive numbers, sponsorship agreements are the ones that have come to manage the whopping amount of 4,043 million euros investment; this money is distributed in a total of 2,289 agreements between the five most important leagues in the old continent: Premier League in United Kingdom, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, Bundesliga in Germany and Ligue 1 in the Gallic country.
The English league clubs – the Premier League – are the top representatives in Europe in the last season, with Manchester United in the lead; thus, the English reached more than 1,200 million euros in 2018 thanks to a total of 440 sponsorship agreements. Followed by the Bundesliga teams from Germany, with 734.7 million euros spread over 617 sponsorship agreements, and in third place the Spanish league, with 678.5 million euros. Behind, there are the Serie A clubs, that generate 439.3 million euros and the clubs of first division from France, whose income give about 357.8 million euros.



So, we have the Manchester United in the lead with 68 signed agreements and 269 million euros in profit; followed by the F.C. Barcelona with 43 agreements and 261 million euros. After, are clubs like the Bayern from Munich, with 29 agreements and 180 million in profit, or the Real Madrid, that has “only” reached in 2018 the amount of 178million euros in profit for sponsorship.


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