GlobalTMS – Leading Your Business Evolution

GLOBAL TMS – Leading Your Business Evolution

Of all the singularities that define human beings, technological development is one of the master pillars that define us as a species, at the individual level as well as collective level. The great stages that have marked the next step of progress are strongly defined in history: the development of ancient civilizations, the Spanish Golden Age, industrial revolutions, etc.

However, since the last decades of the twentieth century to our current days, western society has been experiencing exponential progress which calls for constant evolution in all aspects.

Digital transformation: the evolution of the revolution

Currently in the twenty first century, we are living in a technological era as significant as the past industrial revolutions, changing and transforming society both at personal level and corporate level.

The economics professor and founder of the Foro Económico Mundial (World Economic Forum), Klaus Schwab, talks about the fourth industrial revolution, defining it as a stage that began at the beginning of the twenty first century, and was based on the digital revolution that followed the Cold War.

However, this technological turning point is undergoing evolution, giving way to a constant digital transformation, which, at on global level is affecting business processes, organization and even on a personal level.

Some indicators supporting this: in Spain 74% of the population has Internet access; 90% of companies will migrate to Cloud computing environments in the next three years, and cybersecurity has become fundamental in any company. Also, the investments in technology in Spain is approximately 41 600 million euros, and it is foreseen that in 2020 these figures will reach almost half the world gross product.

On the other hand, new technologies generate new trends that change the way we interact and move continuously: 4G networks will pass the baton to 5G networks soon, leading to a quantum leap in the way we communicate; Artificial Intelligence is already changing the car industry, and the new digital channels imply new business marketing and/or  communication strategies.

GlobalTMS: the necessary evolution

In an environment of continued technological disruption, companies need to transform their business models and decision-making processes to adapt to the new market conditions. This digital transformation is not the same, nor does it apply the same way for everyone. As a disruptive process, especially inside the corporate world, it requires a personalized implementation and adequate rhythms.

At Global TMS, as a Spanish company of IT development and services, we specialize in personalized and advanced solutions for your business. As leaders in understanding this digital transformation, we help companies to face the challenges of the digital evolution and its business processes: from the conception of an idea to its deployment and adoption. These, conveniently managed, help us detect trends and generate new business opportunities.

This way, for a correct implementation of the solutions proposed, at Global TMS we ensure that your business reaches excellency, encompassing practically any spectrum of digital evolution thanks to our four divisions:

  1. Digital Business Solutions

At GlobalTMS Digital Business Solutions we create solutions for conversion and monetization of digital audiences, that are specifically designed for every type of audience and product. Our offer of products and services include everything, from personalized solutions for the sports world, entertainment and retail sector, to digital marketing, Big Data and Cloud digital evolution.

  1. Software Development

GlobalTMS Software Development offer its client’s consultation and development of customized software: from desk applications, web development, mobile applications and bots, to Machine Learning projects, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

  1. IT Consultancy Services

GlobalTMS IT Consultancy Services is a leader in consultancy and implementation of IT Systems for business. Services range from the design and provision of IT infrastructures, migration to Cloud models and virtualization of services, to security consultancy and development of business applications.

Because of its knowledge of the sector and relations with the main suppliers of Cloud solutions, Global TMS IT Consultancy Services is the ideal technological partner for your business in your IT consultancy projects.

  1. CSP (Cloud Service Provider)

Global TMS CSP is leading in IT solutions Support for big companies. We offer different licensing models: from perpetual licenses to subscription per use models. We also make available for our clients an extensive catalogue of software solutions and payment models: either cashier software, monthly subscription models or pay for use licenses.

Values that guarantee success

At Global TMS we are committed to our client’s success on their digital evolutions projects thanks to the three values that characterize us:

Business: we ensure that your company monetizes resources efficiently and achieve profit.

Innovation: our experience and knowledge of technologies in the IT sector position us as the right partner to lead the digital evolution of your company.

Compromise: All the above mentioned wouldn’t work without a team of professionals to make it possible.

This way, when facing new projects, we propose innovative solutions so your company can attract new clients, retain existing ones, increase your employee’s productivity and optimize your business processes in a fluid and scalable way. We help you successfully take on this transformation through the evolution of all the processes implied.

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